Tap and Shoot

Locate a monster, touch the screen, and shoot!

Tap and Shoot, is the free game in which you have to kill as many monsters as you can. To do this, all you have to do is touch the screen to shoot. Time is limited, you need to kill monsters to get more time to reach the end of the level.

Diamond Mine

There are many different objects.
Get the diamonds, emeralds and rubies, and blast your way with bombs and dynamite.

Customize the controls to play in the easiest way for you. You can also connect a keyboard or a gamepad to play more comfortably.

Mine Runner

Collect all the gold in a level while avoiding the mummies that try to catch you.

Levels will test your skills and make you think to solve them successfully.

The character can make holes in the ground, to make their way across the stage and to deal with their enemies.
You will find different objects like bombs that you can use to your advantage.

RPG Puzzle

Solve a lot of puzzles in the RPG world!

Move boxes, explode trees, take keys, block enemies. Do infinite things to open the way to get all the gems and escape.

Spider Web

Complete blurred image avoiding the enemies. To do this, go into the blurred area and go back to a border to compleate the image. Thus, you divide the image into two, and the smaller area is completed.

To move, just touch the screen and quickly move your finger in one direction.

It has a variety of enemies, almost a new one for each level.

Relic Puzzle

Match all the equal relics to destroy them and complete the level!

Relic Puzzle is a game that will make you think. You must put together all the equal relics.

The way to play is very simple, drag a relic with your finger left or right, and it will move.

Super Adventure World

Explore the entire map, collect as many coins as you can, and find the door to escape.

Lots of variety of objects and enemies that will make you think.

You can move boxes, docks that let you jump higher and cannons among many others.

Enemies on land and in the air, and care, some can shoot!